What is the I-neb AAD?

AAD i-neb system

The I-neb AAD is a special system that is used to inhale Ventavis. AAD stands for Adaptive Aerosol Delivery. Ventavis must be taken with the I-neb AAD System because it is the only system approved by the FDA and available for use with Ventavis. Ventavis should be inhaled as your doctor prescribes, usually 6-9 times a day, but not more often than every 2 hours.1 Why is Ventavis inhaled? Inhaling Ventavis gets it right to the lungs the site of the disease. Inhaled Ventavis therapy allows patients to avoid infections and other complications that may occur with pumps, needles, and catheters the other ways to deliver manmade prostacyclin into the body. Designed for your ease of use2 • No need for difficult assembly or disassembly, as with some nebulizers • No daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled part replacement • Only once-a-day cleaning and weekly boil no daily boiling required Adapts to your breathing pattern • Smart technology learns your unique breathing pattern • Adaptability means you