What is the International Parchment Craft Academy (IPCA)?

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1 Answer

Under the creative supervision of Martha Ospina, the IPCA spreads the techniques and product knowledge of parchment craft around the world. Its main aim is to make sure that a wide variety of people will be able to enjoy parchment craft. The Academy endeavours to achieve this by training new teachers and organising 'follow-up' courses for the practising Pergamano teachers. This is all done in a professional as well as pleasing way, allowing room for personal development. As the IPCA is active in many different countries, there is also a lot of cultural interaction between people and it is a great opportunity for making new friends. All the IPCA activities are organized under the 'Pergamano Umbrella'. What do I gain by becoming a Registered Pergamano Teacher? You will be trained to learn everything there is to know about parchment craft techniques and the Pergamano products. After following and passing the course, you will actually be able to turn your hobby into your career by ... more
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