What is the largest ferry system in the world?


What is the largest ferry system in the world?


BC Ferries is NOT the largest ferry system in the world. It is the fourth largest. ISTANBUL’s system is. WASHINGTON STATE FERRIES IS NOW THE 2nd LARGEST FERRY SYSTEM IN THE WORLD, with an average of 67,124 passengers each day and more than 30,000 ship seats. Staten Island is likely third-largest, passenger-wise. BC-Ferries has the most actual vessels but many of those boats are fairly small whereas all Staten Island ferries are large and almost all Washington State Ferries ships are medium to large sized. BC Ferries does have the nicest ships and boats, generally. Staten Islands boats are the most, ummm, worn.

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Sydney Ferries Corporation is an agency of the New South Wales Government providing commuter ferry services on Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River in Sydney, Australia. Sydney Ferries describes itself as “at the heart of Sydney and its transport network.” (AR 5) The network, stretching from Manly in the east to Parramatta in the west, is used primarily by tourists. A significant minority of passenger journeys are made by commuters. Sydney Ferries represent 0.2% of all public transport journeys in Sydney on any given day. Around 48% of total patronage is commuter travel and 46% is leisure travel.

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The largest ferry system is BC Ferries. They service the whole coast of British Columbia, Canada.

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