What is the largest/tallest/biggest breed of wild wolf?

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1 Answer

First, the concept of "wolf" is somewhat flawed. Many animals that have no relationship to true wolves have had the term wolf tacked onto them (like the Tasmanian wolf, a marsupial, and the maned wolf, a very distant canid relative) "true wolves" are of the Genus Canid, but can be termed wolf, coyote, or jackal, even though these are really just size descriptors. For example, poor coyote stuck in the middle, has been sometimes termed Prarie Wolf, and sometimes termed American Jackal. Or Ethiopain wolf has sometimes been termed Simien Fox and Simien Jackal. But you want biggest, so none of the ones that sometimes carry the title jackal are relevant. Humm, well, the biggest ever was the Dire Wolf, but that creature is now extinct. The second largest is the Grey wolf. Now, the grey wolf appears to have origninated in the Himilayan mountains of the Indian subcontinent, but from there it rapidly moved all over the world and adapted to a wide variety of environments. Some like the Arabian ... more
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