What is the latest in LASIK technology?

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The safety and accuracy of the LASIK treatment largely depends on the machine on which it is performed. Though there are various machines available for LASIK, Allegratto wave eye Q and Morya microkeratome is the best , workstation trusted and accepted worldwide. We have now updated our machine with the latest and most advanced Allegratto wave eye Q which can provide SUPERVISION or EAGLES VISION in the sense that if a normal person has 6/6 visual acuity, with Allegratto wave he can hava a better visual acuity of even 6/4 or 6/3. Here a customised laser ablation is performed, specific to each individual eye. This is done by a very advanced technique by eliminating the aberrations of the eye. This has taken refractive surgery to a different plane resulting in a better quality of vision than what nature can offer. more
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