What is the life span of a hackberry tree?

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Heart Rot, a disease that rots out the center of the tree usually kills them after 20 to 30 years. If kept healthy the tree will live a long time. In the 9. Q: What is the disease affecting sycamore tree? A: Most serious disease of sycamore is called Sycamore Blight not Anthracnose although Anthracnose is common. If the top half of the tree dies it will be Sycamore Blight and there is no control. This is why we do not recommend Sycamore. Symptoms of Anthracnose are browning of the leaf which follow the veins. 10. Q: Why did leaves from mimosa tree turn yellow and fall during July and August? A: Mimosa wilt, mimosa webworm or cultural problems such as water and heat. 11. Q: When do you prune a purple leaf plum tree? A: Best to prune after the tree flowers in the spring if the flowers are desired; otherwise pruning can be done in late winter. 12. Q: When do you prune fruitless mulberry tree: A: During dormant season. Best during mid to late January before new growth begins. 13. Q: Why ... more
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