What is the main definition of haemostasis.What is the control organ of haemostasis in the body.?

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If you are talking about control of the total internal environment then you may mean homeostasis rather than haemostasis. Haemostasis is the control of bleeding by the body. Homeostasis roughly literally means "steady state". A definition could be: The process that keeps the conditions within your body at the optimum level for cell function. Claude Bernard was a french physiologist who was really interested in how body systems maintained such a steady state. He stated "the control of the internal environment is the condition of free life". Basically, your body is a life support system for your body cells. If you don't maintain conditions within your body constant then your cells will die and so will you. But, if you can control your internal conditions regardless of the external environment then you can exploit a wider range of conditions. Humans are able to exist from the arctic circle to the equator and beyond because our bodies are so good at keeping internal conditions constant. ... more
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