What is the meaning of the Moon in the birth chart?

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1 Answer

The Moon represents feelings and emotions. Like the Moon in the sky reflecting the Sun's light, the Moon in the birth chart is reflective, soulful and sensitive. The Moon represents the instinctive, intuitive part of you. When you respond without thinking, almost as if driven by primal instinct, that is the Moon acting in your life. The Moon is also a symbol for mother and by sign shows what you need to feel nurtured. Aspects, (lines of energy), from other planets to the Moon describe your relationship to "Mum", plus shows how well you understand your own emotional needs or not as the case may be. How does the Moon affect our path through life? The Moon influences in a subtle yet meaningful way. Decisions that aren't necessarily logical or explainable, but are intrinsically important, are Moon based decisions. The Moon craves safety, security and comfort and the unique path to create these qualities in our lives is described by the Moon. The Moon, being an inner, yin and subjective ...
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