What is the Missouri Synod's view on speaking in tongues, prophecy, and faith healing?

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A. The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod readily grants that at times in the past God has certainly bestowed upon his church certain "extraordinary gifts" of the Spirit (such as those mentioned in this question), and that it is certainly possible for God to grant those gifts still today. At the same time, the LCMS emphasizes that we have no promise in Scripture that God will grant all of the gifts of the Spirit to his church in all times and places, and it has expressed serious concerns about the unbiblical teachings and activities which have often accompanied claims regarding these gifts in the charismatic movement today. The theological commission of the LCMS has prepared three reports on this topic: The Charismatic Movement and Lutheran Theology (1972), The Lutheran Church and the Charismatic Movement (1977) and Spiritual Gifts (1994).
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