What is the most trusted online casino?

Masha Esina Posted

Hi folks,

I am thinking to start playing casino but want to make it wise. Any hints, tips?

Frank Davis

I prefer sport betting. It is much more secure. On https://777score.co.uk/ you can enter your own bid/ask, at the price you pick, and if a counterparty bet matches up with your bid/ask, you effectively pay no vig and you get the price you asked for. This platform works pretty well for me

Mary D

You mean which casinos don’t fool gamblers? It’s difficult to spot really illegal actions and distinguish them from regular implementation of the rule «the house always wins». I mean, all casinos cheat on their players. The most trusted systems are decentralized blockchain-based casinos where anybody can check results of RNG or track transaction. Such casinos can’t cheat because of the technology used. However, they require gambling on crypto. If you want to find regular fiat systems, check Netefex. This resource has long history and provides detailed reviews of legit reliable games, so casinos should be trustworthy, too.