What is the most trusted online casino?

Masha Esina Posted

Hi folks,

I am thinking to start playing casino but want to make it wise. Any hints, tips?

Mary D

You mean which casinos don’t fool gamblers? It’s difficult to spot really illegal actions and distinguish them from regular implementation of the rule «the house always wins». I mean, all casinos cheat on their players. The most trusted systems are decentralized blockchain-based casinos where anybody can check results of RNG or track transaction. Such casinos can’t cheat because of the technology used. However, they require gambling on crypto. If you want to find regular fiat systems, check Netefex. This resource has long history and provides detailed reviews of legit reliable games, so casinos should be trustworthy, too.

Frank Davis

I prefer sport betting. It is much more secure. On https://777score.co.uk/ you can enter your own bid/ask, at the price you pick, and if a counterparty bet matches up with your bid/ask, you effectively pay no vig and you get the price you asked for. This platform works pretty well for me

Tim Frost

I agree with you that sports betting is now actively developing. Here you can make good money, if you understand how and where to put it. There is another promising new direction in which you can also earn good money. ESports betting watch. I think this is the future

Arjun89 Arjun89 edited answer

I’ve been playing different online casinos for a few years and can give you a few tips based on my own experience. Nowadays, the safest is to play no deposit bitcoin casino. Bitcoin it’s the new money which allows you to play without providing personal information to online casinos. Also, a lot of people nowadays prefer playing casinos where they can use cryptocurrencies because it’s said to be safer than using real money and every transaction is quick. For a few months, I’ve been playing this https://bitcoincasinosonly.com/bitcoin-bonuses/no-deposit/, and I’m delighted. There you can play poker, blackjack, different cool slots and what is more, the chance for everyone to win is really high. Sometimes I can hear a lot of stories that players can`t withdraw their money and so on, but the casino I play really cares for its players, and I’ve never had any problems.


Studying company details about each game site can be a bit boring and tedious. It can definitely save you a lot of nerves if you do this on casumo casino slots. Even a simple quick acquaintance with such things as, for example, the year the site was created, what license it has, and also with the one who actually owns a business, can help you not only identify great places to play on the Internet but and avoid dubious sites that you should not trust your money.