What is the national costume of Indonesia?

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1 Answer

It's very difficult to give you the specific answer because Indonesia has 300 different ethnic groups, each has their own costume. It is also influenced by the Moslem religion. For both men and women, traditional dress in Indonesia includes a wrap-around lower-body cover: - a kain (a rectangular length of fabric, generally in batik) or a sarong (a length of fabric with ends sewn together). - kebaya is a tight, long-sleeved blouse worn on the upper body. It is often made of lace. Additionally, women also wear a large rectangle of cloth called a selendang (ikat or batik) draped over the shoulder. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kebaya These ensembles have become national dress in Indonesia because the vast majority of the population lives on Java. Kebaya and batik kain are considered Indonesia's national dress for women, and teluk beskap, a combination of the Javanese jacket and kain, are national dress for Indonesian men. more
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