What is the normal size of filipino penis?

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1 Answer

I have not come upon figures for the Philippines. But here are some international figures including some figures from Japan and Korea: In 2001, Dr Eduardo Gomez de Diego of the SizeGenetics medical company came across some research on average penis size published by the Spanish Society of Andrology. The results surprised Diego as they didn't agree with the results he had obtained from his own clinic's survey examining the size of the average Spanish male. This spurred Diego to enhance his own survey and to expand it by gathering results from other countries. The statistics took over a year to gather from journals and studies published around the world and the results have now been made available. Diego admits that the results are not exhaustive. "We couldn't find references for many countries and in some cases we couldn't even find the appropriate people to talk to about it," he said. "Specialist journals and other sources like urologist associations tended to be the sources for the ... more
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