What is the oldest castle in england???

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Some say it is the Tower of London. The present castle on the site dates from the Norman period. There was however a castle on the same site in Roman London. Anderida Roman Fort at Pevensey, Sussex is probably about 2000 years old, the walls are in extremely good order and probably date from the late Roman period around 300-400AD. Richborough Castle near Dover is also Roman and quite old. It was built by the Romans and last used as a defence during the period of the Saxon invasions. The following sites should help : - http://www.castleuk.net/ http://www.castlexplorer.co.uk/ http://www.uk-castles.co.uk/ Use the above sites to explore the castles of Britain. Find all the information you need to locate and visit the castles of Britain, with full descriptions and photographs. Castle nut! more
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