What is the Omaha Bank Hoard?

hoard omaha bank

Some people are very particular and attempt to build a very meaningful collection of a few to a few dozen coins. Other people, hoarders, indiscriminately save away huge quantities of coins. About 4-5 years ago (~2005) I noticed a large number of PCGS certified coins were offered at a Heritage auction. In addition to the normal things the PCGS labels had the words “Omaha Bank Hoard”. An acquaintance asked Heritage auctions about the hoard. Apparently a fellow started buying rolls of coins back in the 1930s. Each year he bought several rolls of new coins in different denominations from the Omaha National Bank and stored them there. By the time they were sold he reportedly had well over 2,000 rolls of coins. PCGS received the bulk submission and added the hoard name to the label.