What is the optimum pH for drinking water?

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1 Answer

The pH of pure water including Watt-Ahh®, is within the range between low and mid 7.0. Any change in the pH of water is caused by mineral deposits suspended in the water. According to Scientists at the US Department of Energy (DOE), Molecular Biology Archive, normal blood pH is about 7.35. Blood pH lower than 7.0 or higher than 8.0 may cause severe medical complications. DOE indicates severe upset in blood pH (<7.25), causes disturbances in the body, which can lead to renal failure. Acidosis may occur with blood pH below 7.0 that can cause a coma. For the other extreme, alkalosis causes the heart to beat too fast and can cause a heart attack. No one should attempt to adjust blood pH with a liquid product including bottled water, since it gets into the blood stream too fast, gives a quick boost of energy because the heart is beating faster, and can cause heart damage or stroke. This is what happens when someone is bitten by a snake, the venom is alkaline. A small amount of alkaline ... more
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