What is the para gravida scale for pregnancies?

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1 Answer

Gravida/para status refers to a woman's obstetric history. Gravida indicates the total number of pregnancies a woman has had (including the current one if applicable), regardless of whether they were carried to term. Para (in general) indicates the number of offspring. Para can be further broken down into the numbers that were term, pre-term, aborted, or living (TPAL). Example: G2 P0111 would mean the patient was pregnant twice, did not carry any to full-term, had one pre-term (pre-mature), had one abortion (or spontaneous abortion which is commonly referred to as miscarriage), and one (the twin to the one delivered pre-term) is living. For the purposes of EMS personnel; simply indicating the number of pregnancies and the number of full-term/successful births is sufficient. Example: a woman who has had two pregnancies (both of which were carried to full-term) would be noted as G2P2.
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