What is the penalty for a renege in double deck partnership pinochle?

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To break one of the trumping rules is to renege, in pinochle terminology. This is severely penalized in real games, for example, by automatically going set on one's bid, or by forfeiting an entire game. http://members.aol.com/cnchapman/rules.htm RENEGES: • STOP PLAY AND CALL THE TD TO THE TABLE IMMEDIATELY. • A player cannot be forced to renege. Therefore, in order to avoid a renege, the player has the privilege of correcting the play before the book is closed. • If a renege is called and the tricks are not in the correct order, the renege will go against that team. • A renege occurs when a player fails to follow suit, fails to beat the falling cards, or fails to trump when out of a suit. • If a renege during play is called and not proven, the person calling the renege has committed a renege and the penalty will go against them. PENALTIES: • If the bidding pair reneges during play, the hand stops, and the opponents
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