What is the political situation now in Nigeria? Are there any changes?

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Well, before he took over government it was 80 nyra (Nigerian currency....) to one dollar. And now it's 140 nyra to a dollar. So obviously things are getting worse. Secondly, Nigeria still doesn't have a budget, and it's the beginning of July now. So they're just spending money with no budget. When the last dictator failed to make the budget before February, the whole country went crazy. Now, nobody says anything. The people are looking for ways to decorate their carpets. What is your relationship with the government? I have no relationship with the government. I mean, do you get banned or censored on public radio? Yes, all the time. They don't play me on radio. I get lots of bad press, every day. When my mother died, they printed how happy I was because of that. Do you think Africa should come to some thicker integration and eventually unite? Do you think that will happen? Of course, Africa needs to follow the path of Europe, one currency, and one government. Bud leaders in African ... more
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