What is the positive side of abortion?


What is the positive side of abortion?

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While there are a lot of negative answers here, there are positive reasons why abortions should be legal. 1. It gives the woman choice – women have fought for the right to have choice over their own bodies. Victims of rape before the morning after pill was available or in abusive relationships where there is a high risk to the child of abuse. It has emansipated women from control by a male dominated society by giving them control over their bodies. 2. Financial – where a woman cannot afford to support the child and would be dependent on society to raise the child financially 3. Population control and family planning – while not the best argument for, it is a valid one as the number of unwanted pregnancies has dropped. 4. Reduced risk to women – before abortions were legalised, there were a high number of ‘back street’ clinics/abortionists who would carry out abortions without training, appropriate equipment and poor hygiene which led to high risk of mortality in women as well as foetus

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