What Is The Preterist View?

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" "Where Does This Leave Us Now?" "The Future of Planet Earth?" If anyone you know has wondered about these things, this is for you! Also includes a great Q&A session with many related questions discussed. Seminar - Bradford, PA 2001 - Ed Stevens (MP3 (3 tracks) - $2.97 + storage) Three lessons from a Saturday seminar in Bradford, Pennsylvania on Nov. 25, 2001. Topics include: What Do Preterists Believe, the Preterist View of the Future, and a great Q&A session. The second lesson deals with implications and worldview issues. Seminar & Debate - Bristol, CT 2006 - Frost, Hartley, Blore, Grace, Bradfield, & Stevens (MP3 (11 tracks) - $10.89 + storage) Debate & Seminar held in Bristol, Connecticut on Aug. 4-5, 2006. The debate on "The Timing and Nature of the Resurrection of the Dead" was between Sam Frost (Preterist) and Kevin Hartley (Futurist). The seminar covered the topics: Matt. 16:27-28 (Eric Blore), Church Age & Age To Come and Church is Spiritualized Judaism (Mike Grace), Acts 1: ...
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