What is the procedure and steps for the Transferring Land Titles?

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1 Answer

Step 1. Pay the transfer tax to the Assessor's Office (Local City Government) to City / Municipal Assessor's Office where land lies where to Procure Realty Tax Clearance : Local Treasurer's Office Requisites : Xerox copy of title Xerox copy of most recent tax declaration Step 2. PAY THE B.I.R. (Bureau of Internal Revenue) Pay the capital gains and documentary stamp taxes and secure the Certificate Authorizing Registration(CAR).Go to the BIR office which has jurisdiction over the city / municipality where the property is located. Taxes to be paid: Capital Gains Tax Documentary Stamp Tax - Imposed on all legal documents executed in the Philippines. Step 3. Submit all relevant documents to the Register of Deeds office which has jurisdiction over the city where the property is located. For registration in Registry of Deeds Where : Local Registry of Deeds where land lies What to Procure : New Transfer Certificate of Title in the name of the Buyer What to pay : Other fees, See schedule of ... more
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