What is the procedure for retrieving the eggs? Is the Egg Retrieval painful?

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1 Answer

At the very end of the donation cycle, the egg donor will have daily monitoring. When the follicles have reached the desired maturity, the doctor will schedule the retrieval procedure. This is a half hour procedure that requires a light anesthetic to be sure the donor doesn't move. The doctor uses an ultrasound-guided needle, inserted through the vagina, to collect the eggs from both ovaries. After the procedure, the donor will be unable to drive for up to 24 hours, due to the anesthesia. Most donors rest for 24 hours after the retrieval, and most go back to their normal schedule the following day. Other donors experience more painful menstrual-like symptoms (cramps/bloating/headaches) that can last up to a week. In very rare cases donors may have a severe reaction to fertility drugs that will require additional medical treatment or hospitalization. more
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