What is the purpose of gerrymandering or redistricting?

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1 Answer

In Florida the legislature does. When the legislature passes a congressional or legislative redistricting plan, it’s just like other legislation. All representatives and senators vote on the plan. The party that controls the legislature controls redistricting. The plan that gets the majority vote becomes the legislature’s plan. No matter which party has control of the legislature, that party’s main goal is to protect its majority and the seats of its incumbents. This is called partisan political gerrymandering. It is like allowing the fox to guard the henhouse! EDITORIAL NOTE: I urge all to investigate any redistricting taking place in your state and contact any of the various voting organizations involved in confronting this issue. Otherwise, your vote is manipulated before you cast the first ballot! AROUND the BLOGOSPHERE: An observation on the effects of Gerrymandering in California - I live in CA District 1, under a Congressman who took a Saddam Hussein-funded junket to Iraq, and ... more
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