What is the ratio between feet and meters, or square feet and square meters?

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Meter to feet Length ratio=3.3 (One meter equals 3.3 feet) Sq.meter to sq.feet area ratio= 10.76 (One square meter equals 10.76 square feet) In order to get the feet equivalent, you just have to multiply the meter amount with the length ratio (3.3) to get the amount of feet, or divide the feet amount by the length ratio to get the meter amount. For areas and spaces, just multiply the square meter amount with the area ratio (10.76) to get the amount of square feet, or divide the square feet amount by the area ratio to get the square meter amount. E.g., a 4.5 meter wide room is almost 15 feet wide; a 243 square meter house has an area of 2,615 square feet. more
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