What is the refrigerator shelf life of canned anchovies and anchovy paste once opened?

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HD I would treat leftover canned anchovies like any other fresh food and use it up within five days. Be sure to remove from the tin before storing. Anchovy paste, if in a jar or a tube, should keep for six months or even a year. Check the labels. Is there anything one can do once their garlic powder has clumped into a brick? NY I wonder if the tricks that we use to soften bricks of brown sugar would work on garlic powder. You could try a few seconds in the microwave (not in the original container, however) or leaving the open container in a paper bag with some apple slices. Will you let me know if it works!? Please help me with this dilemma! I have just moved to central Florida and the increase in humidity has my Onion Powder and Poultry Seasoning clumping up into a hard ball. Would it help if I added a few grains of white rice to my spices to absorb unwanted moisture? Onion Powder becomes impossible to use if it is as hard as a rock! Please help! DJM I did a little research and it ... more
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