What is the role of chemistry in health and sanitation?

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I'm starting with Microbiology and moving toward chemistry. The science of Micro is finding and identifying organisms, especially their structure, Consider the structure of micro-organisms like the type found in infections, cocci, cocci in chains and infections and diseases we have like MRSA. Through chemistry, we are able to discover what medications (antibiotics) will disrupt the growth of unwanted organisms. So think of an antibiotic. We identify the organism and treat it with what will disrupt it's growth. In sanitation, it is the same process. Lysol disinfectant kills germs on surfaces. We know this because we know the germs and what chemicals will destroy either the cells them selves, the cell wall or disrupt the growth pattern and stop reproduction. In health care, we know what drug to treat what infection because we have specific knowledge through chemistry. Same with sanitation. We know bleach kills germs, we even know what medication reduce pills, stop unwanted pregnancy, ...
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