What is the role of the Special Needs Assistant?

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1 Answer

The Special Needs Assistant is employed by the Department of Education on behalf of a primary or secondary school to provide particular support for a child or small group of children with special or additional needs. The type of work the Special Needs Assistant is required to do will be determined by the school and the child’s needs. You may wish to refer to the Department of Education job description for Special Needs Assistants. The Special Needs Assistant’s main function is to assist in meeting the educational needs of the child. The role may involve assisting the child with their intellectual, physical, emotional and social development and needs. This position may be funded by the Dept of Education on behalf of the school on a part time or full time basis. In our experience those who have completed the Certificate / Diploma in Special Needs Assistant find the new knowledge and skills they gain makes a considerable difference to how they undertake their role. more
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