What is the significance of the volleyball Wilson in the movie Cast Away?

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okay my opinion is that the signifigance of having volleyball wilson in the movie was to signify the extent the human mind can adapt. We know we need person to person interaction, wilson signified that in some weird way. Chuck needed some one there to spur him on, to support him and to bask in his accomplishment in lighting a fire, you almost said died so unconsciously maybe you identified chuck need for someone whether that be someone or something that dosent talk back but has in what he could identify as a face, Okay gonna stop going on but the second part of your query is the directors maybe decided to have him drift away to signify that he began on his own and he had to carry on on his own, remember chuck did try to swim and save him but he was too weak, so maybe the director wanted him to clarify that although wilson got chuck through his experience just being something to talk at, it signifies that he had to make a conscious decision that his life and his love for kelly was ... more
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