What is the software development cycle?


What is the software development cycle?


For any tech company, it’s critical to have a well-structured framework into which a variety of its processes and guidelines will fit. Such a framework applied to the software development pipeline is traditionally referred to as a life cycle, or software development cycle.

What Is the Software Development Life Cycle?

In the broadest sense, SDLC stands for a repeatable process for creating an information system incorporating certain guidelines, methodologies, and standards. Though the concept is traditionally applied in the computer and information systems sector, it also refers to systems and software engineering. In all these areas, SDLC is understood as a framework for planning and controlling the creation of software.

The purpose of SDLC application commonly presupposes the definition of activities and stages involved in the creation of a certain software product and determination of its relationship with other organizational methodologies.

Software Development Life Cycle Models

Here is a complete software development methodologies list with a breakdown of their particularities:

  • 1. Lean SDLC
  • 2. Prototyping SDLC
  • 3. DevOps
  • 4. Waterfall SDLC
  • 5. V-model
  • 6. Agile SDLC
  • 7. Iterative SDLC
  • 8. Spiral SDLC
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SDLC or software development cycle ( to learn more follow this link ) stands for Software development lifecycle. It represents several stages (or phases) that any software goes through. In essence, it is a detailed plan showing how to develop software, maintain it, change it, improve it.