What is the Speed limit on the highway in Nevada?

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1 Answer

You can see a map of Nevada speed limits posted here: http://www.nevadadot.com/traveler/maps/StateMaps/pdfs/speed_map.pdf Beginning December 8, 1995 speed limits on many of the more remote Nevada highways were raised to as high as 75 mph. Some specific highway areas of interest are as follows: I-15 from the California Border to Las Vegas - 70 mph I-95 North of Las Vegas - 70 mph I-15 Northeast of Las Vegas to Arizona - 75 mph I-80 From Reno to Utah - variable from 55 to 75 mph Areas I-50 from Lake Tahoe to Ely and Utah - 65mph I-395 North of Carson to Reno - 70 mph I-95 THROUGH downtown Las Vegas is now 65 mph! All other interstates within any city limits - still 55 mph Sources: http://www.nevadadot.com/traveler/maps/StateMaps/pdfs/speed_map.
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