What is the standing pressure on refrigerant R134a and FX56?

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1 Answer

*The recip systems, either air-conditioning or refrigeration are more efficient with R-134a refrigerant as compared to R-22. Although, the capacity for the same compressor displacement with R-134a will drop, the specific power consumption also invariably drops. The advantages of using R-134a over R-22 are with R-134a, as an HFC, having no phase out date and can be used permanently. It has much lower operating and standing pressures as compared to R-22. It is readily available since most of the new applications such as refrigerators, transport refrigeration and air-conditioning etc. all use R-134a as the undisputed refrigerant. The fall in capacity, as compared to R-22, can be compensated by increasing the speed. The reduction in power consumption is quite attractive and justifies a fast pay back period. Many MNCs do not encourage use of R- 22 and prefer R-134a even in India today. *I HAVE TRIED FOR FX-56[R-409/A] BUT NOT YET GOT THE ANSWER. more
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