What is the state law on prayer or moment of silence in Texas public schools?

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1 Answer

State law recognizes the right of individual students to pray in a nondisruptive manner (Section 25.901, Texas Education Code). A school district may provide for a period of silence at the beginning of the school day (Section 25.082, Texas Education Code). There are constitutional restrictions on the ability of school districts to actively participate in activities that amount to religious observances. (04/2002) More information regarding prayer in public schools can be found at the Prayer Guidance. Question: What is the education law that states how many days of school students are expected to attend and how many days they can miss before they are held back? Answer: Texas school districts are required to provide at least 180 days of instruction (Section 25.081, Texas Education Code). However, some districts have a waiver from the Commissioner of Education allowing them to substitute a few of those days for teacher professional development days. To receive credit for a class, a ...
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