What is the ten examples of physical changes and ten chemical changes?

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Physical Changes 1) Aluminum foil is cut in half. 2) Clay is molded into a new shape. 3) Butter melts on warm toast. 4) Water evaporates from the surface of the ocean. 5) A juice box in the freezer freezes. 6) Rubbing alcohol evaporates on your hand. 7) Crumpled paper 8) Water turned into ice 9) Grating of cheeze 10) Cutting of wood Chemical Changes 1) Rust forms on a nail left outside. 2) Milk goes sour. 3) You fry an egg. 4) Your body digests food. 5) A match is lit. 6) You take an antacid to settle your stomach. 7) Hydrogen peroxide bubbles in a cut. 8) Food scraps are turned into compost in a compost pile. 9) Gasoline is ignited. 10) Jewelry tarnishes. Bread becomes toast. more
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