What is the tradition behind fortune cookies?

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The tradition of consuming fortune cookies after a meal began in America. The fortune cookie was first introduced in California around 1915. Much debate exists surrounding the creator of the fortune cookie, though its design was inspired by "moon cakes" that were produced during the Mongolian invasion of China in the 13th century.InventionMakoto Hagiwara, a Japanese immigrant living in San Francisco, is one person credited as the inventor of fortune cookies. To give thanks to those who supported him, in 1914 Hagiwara fashioned a cookie that contained a thank you note inside. The same style cookies were later displayed at San Francisco's World Fair in 1915.Chinese InfluenceIn preparation for the Mongolian invasion of China, revolutionary Chu Yuan Chang hid messages inside "moon cakes" that warned his people of the uprising. These cakes are thought to have influenced the creation of fortune cookies centuries later.InnovationEarly fortune cookies were made with chopsticks. In 1964, ...
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