What is the value of my Zane Grey book?

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What is the value of my Zane Grey book?

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Values of Zane Grey books are difficult to determine. As with any collectible, the value is often in the eye of the beholder. First Editions with dust jackets can command prices up to several hundred dollars. Without dust jackets, most first editions are worth substantially less. Original copies of “Betty Zane” can easily exceed a thousand dollars. However, reprints with dust jackets will typically go for less than $25 to $50. Reprints without dust jackets will rarely bring $10. For a better determination of the value of a specific book that you might have, we suggest that you contact one of the several Society Member Book Dealers. As always, the condition of the collectible plays a major role in the value. Also, there are exceptions to the rule, so in order to gain the best information you can on your particular book, please contact one of the Society Member Book Dealers.

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