What is the value of original 1933 King Kong posters?

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1 Answer

RKO realized how popular King Kong could be so they cut the price of their posters and other advertising art and ordered extra printing on it all to encourage theatre owners to advertise heavily. Since more of these items were made and sold, more of them stil exist today and are highly collectable. Original King Kong posters can be very valuable often selling for thousands of dollars. While I do not deal in these types of items, if you have or would like to buy an original King Kong poster, please contact Bruce Hershenson or visit his website at http://www.brucehershenson.com/. Return to contents What became of the great wall set after the film was finished? Stop-motion animator Ray Harryhausen tells the story of how, as a young boy, he would ask his dad to drive him down to see the great wall set--still standing on the RKO/Pathe lot following the 1933 premier. It was a huge set and found duty in a handful of films after King Kong. In 1938, when producer David O. Selznick was filming ... more
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