What is the weight of an average Airedale puppy at 8 weeks?

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1 Answer

I keep pretty extensive weekly weight statistics on all our litters. I will be posting a growth chart in the coming weeks based on these statistics. Based on data from our last 5 litters, the average weight of an 8 week old Airedale puppy is 9.5 pounds. Will I need a special collar for my new puppy? Some people like to try and reuse items like collars and leads that they already own. This is fine, but you will probably need to purchase a new smaller collar that will fit your puppy until they grow into the larger size. For puppies we recommend adjustable collars that will be able to grow with your puppy for their first few months. You should look for an adjustable collar that fits 10+ inches. A narrower collar is also good for a puppy, 1/2 inch width works well in the early stages. We really like the Lupine collars and leads. This is a New Hampshire made product with an unbeatable guarantee, even if chewed. You should be able to find Lupine products at most pet stores. Do you ... more
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