What is the World of Darkness and Vampire: the Requiem?

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1 Answer

Vampire: the Requiem is a game written by White Wolf in the "World of Darkness" game-line. The World of Darkness is a world not completely unlike our own, but darker; crime is more prevalent, corruption runs deep, homelessness and poverty are enhanced. In this world, monsters are real - monsters like vampires. In a Vampire: the Requiem game, players take the role of these creatures, monsters who are almost, but not quite, human. Players explore what it is like for their character to deal with their condition, whether they embrace it or fight to keep what is left of their humanity. In addition to the personal horror of night-to-night existence, the vampires of the World of Darkness organize in neo-feudal courts. The drama and political infighting that arises from that interaction - fighting over feeding rights, or in defense of the city's vampire laws - makes up a great portion of the appeal of a Vampire game. What is a LARP? A LARP or "Live Action Roleplaying" game is like any other ... more
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