What is thinsulate lining?


Thinsulate, manufactured by 3M, is a synthetic fiber which is used in clothing, footwear and outerwear. The material was developed in the 1960’s, was launched in the skiwear market in the 1970’s and has expanded into a global brand which serves as the official supplier to both the United States and Canadian ski teams.What It IsThinsulate is moisture-resistant, machine washable, dry-cleanable and breathable synthetic fiber made of approximately 45 percent olefin and 55 percent polyester. It is soft and flexible, allowing users to be insulated with minimally restricted movement. It comes in varieties which include recycled fibers, odor blocking and fire resistance.SignificanceThe technology was created to trap air for effective insulation while reflecting the wearer’s radiant body heat. Small microfibers trap air and form a dense barrier ideal for reflecting body heat.Different Levels of InsulationThe products are graded in accordance with weather conditions and the user’s body heat. For