What is this gun worth Stevens model 940E 410 shotgun 3inch chamber Savage Arms?

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1 Answer

These youth models, odd side release, single shot shotguns were made from the mid/late 30's to 1984. I had one in the early 60's as my first shotgun, at 8 years of age. 2.5 or 3 inch shell approved, solid little-short shotgun, in other words a very small light shotgun. At 8, kick was strong (i.e. small, short, and light) but I killed many squrriels at close range on my grandpa's farm with it. I moved to a 20 gauge quickly, for more game choices, less felt recoil, and distance. $100 tops today for a nice quality specimen ! A 22/410 over and under would have made me happier at the time too! more
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