What is Unitized construction vs. Stick construction?

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2 Answers

The expressions Unitized and Stick refer to the method of construction of a framing system for any glazed components within a building faade. Stick construction generally refers to components that have been factory prepared, shipped to the jobsite, and then erected piece by piece on-site. Unitized construction conveys that the components have been factory prepared and assembled then shipped to the jobsite as a completed unit. Each unit is then connected together to form the faade. Stick construction takes less time in the factory but takes longer to assemble on-site and presents some quality control issues. Conversely, Unitized construction takes longer to manufacture in the factory, however quality control can be strictly monitored, and it does accelerate the erection of the faade on-site. more
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Unitized construction is a type of body construction that does not require separate frame for supporting components under construction. An unitized body uses strong structural elements as an important part of its construction. Majorly it uses lightly structural elements as an integeral element of the construction.

A sticky build is a wooden constructed frame work on-site which is supposed to be filled as the construction phase goes on to its finishing activity. It is constructed so as to provide directions for performing activities so the project finishes in timely and in efficient manner. This is the conventional method used by many construction services in glenmoore as their important part of activity for carrying out the project efficiently.

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