What is Weed Matting?


Weed matting, also known as landscape fabric or weed control fabric, is a porous material used to suppress garden weeds by blocking sunlight and creating a barrier. Weed matting is laid flat on the surface of the soil with holes cut to accommodate existing plants, then covered with a layer of mulch, sand, gravel, or pine needles. With weed matting properly installed, weeding should be virtually eliminated, though results can vary in the long run depending upon the type of matting used, garden-specific grasses and other environmental factors. Though we think of weeds as springing up from the soil, they also invade our gardens by air. Wind carries pollen to flowerbeds where it is deposited on top of mulch, which decays into a fertile bed. Weeds not only try to penetrate weed matting from below, but can also grow on top of it. Depending on the type of weed matting used, these weeds can be very easy or very difficult to remove. A large variety of weed matting is available, made from variou