What is Welfare Fraud in Washington State?

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Welfare Fraud is fraud against the programs of the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), including unlawful practices in obtaining cash assistance, medical assistance, and/or food assistance. It is the intentional misstatement or failure to reveal information affecting eligibility resulting in an overpayment. For further information about fraud against DSHS, please review the Eligibility A-Z Manual Fraud Section, or see the entire EAZ Manual. The Division of Fraud Investigations (DFI) has the authority to investigate the following allegations: Unreported Employment: The client is suspected of not reporting employment. Unearned Income: The client is suspected of not reporting the receipt of recurring income not derived from employment. Unreported Assets: The client is suspected of having one or more of the following assets: Real estate, vehicles, boats, motor homes, non-recurring monetary holdings, etc. Unreported Child Support: The client is suspected of ...
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