What is Whitewash?

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Whitewash is a form of paint which is made from a mixture of slaked lime, chalk, water, and an assortment of other ingredients. It has been used for hundreds of years to paint various structures around the world, and it continues to be utilized in some regions. The primary advantage to whitewash is that it is very inexpensive, but it is also impermanent, forcing people to re-treat whitewashed structures on a frequent basis. You may also hear whitewash referred to as calcimine or calsomine. The slaked lime is made by heating limestone at high temperatures, turning it into calcium oxide, and then adding water to the mixture to make calcium hydroxide. Typically chalk is added as a whitener. The base materials were historically mixed with a wide range of ingredients like milk, ground rice, glue, egg whites, salt, and flour, among others. To use whitewash, people simply painted it onto the surface which needed whitewashing. As the whitewash is exposed to carbon dioxide in the air, it ... more
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Whitewash is a county look white. The grain of the wood shows thought the paint. Whitewash is not a pure white color. We can do our best to make it as white as possible if you wish. Just ask! more
Dear Annie, I recently came back from Scotland it appears that many of the houses are treated with whitewash. What is it? What is its benefit? –Judith, NY Dear Judith, Whitewash is made of mason’s hydrate lime and water. It has been used throughout the world, indoors and out, on plaster, concrete, masonry, and stone. It is sometimes called limewash, and it has a lot about it that is great: It is a natural antiseptic and deters insects. A simple whitewash formula from my book Better Basics for the Home is 3 gallons of distilled water to 25 pounds of mason’s hydrated lime. In a mixing tub, add the water to the lime to make a paste. Blend well. Another formula that is more antiseptic because of the added salt is 7 1/2 pounds salt dissolved in 2 1/2 gallons of hot distilled water to 25 pounds mason’s hydrated lime mixed with 3 gallons of distilled water. You can add a natural earth pigment. In separate tubs, prepare the salt and lime mixtures. Combine, stirring to remove all lumps; add ... more
Whitewash is a mixture of lime, whiting, size, water, etc. When I asked my husband what comes to mind when I say the word, whitewash, he remembered his grandparents whitewashing their fence and their outhouse. They couldnt afford a durable paint so they whitewashed the fence and the outhouse with a big broad brush once a year to make them look clean. It wasnt long before the whitewash started to wear off so that in a year a whitewash was certainly needed again. Im sure many of us think of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer when we hear the word, whitewash. Tom was made to whitewash the fence as punishment for playing hooky from school and getting his clothes dirty in a fight. Tom inveigled a group of boys into whitewashing the fence for him. In todays scripture we find another use for the word, whitewash. In verse 27 we learn that tombs were whitewashed. My study Bible says, a person who stepped on a grave became ceremonially unclean, so graves were whitewashed to make them easily visible, ...
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