What is Wiley PLUS?

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Wiley PLUS is Wiley’s course management system. It comes with an online version of the book, a test bank, and a system for checking programming assignments. The publisher tells me that there is no additional cost for students to use Wiley PLUS, but that the bookstore needs to order the right ISBN of the book so that it comes bundled with a registration code. You would want to use Wiley PLUS if you want to do any of these: • monitor whether your students stay on task with their reading and self-review • administer online quizzes with questions that are tailored to the textbook • use the Labrat system for checking programming assignments My personal opinion is that Wiley PLUS has become good enough that I recommend it if you aren’t already a happy user of another system such as Moodle or WebCT. Whether or not you choose Wiley PLUS for your students, you can always get a free Wiley PLUS instructor account. and copy any of the resources for your own course.