What is Wilson risk score Airway Management Assessment?

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Again it is another easier way to memorize predictors of difficult intubation 8. It is a simple visual way to remember what to look for when evaluating & assessing the Airway: A. Difficult Ventilation assessment: For ventilation remember a snoring (OBESE) Santa Over weight Beard Elderly Snoring Edentulous B. Difficult Intubation Assessment: For Intubation remember the 4(M & Ms) with (STOP) sign • Mallampati • Measurement • Movement • Malformation & STOP M =Malformation of the skull, teeth, obstruction, & Pathology (the Macros and Micros). We can memorize them with the word (STOP) S = Skull (Hydro and Microcephalus) T = Teeth (Buck, protruded, & loose teeth. Macro and Micro mandibles) O= Obstruction (due to obesity, short Bull Neck and swellings around the head and neck) P = Pathology (Craniofacial abnormalities & Syndromes: Treacher Collins, Goldenhar's, Pierre Robin, Waardenburg syndromes) Various craniofacial abnormalities arise from maldevelopment of the 1st and 2nd visceral ... more
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