What is wrong with my palm tree? Why is my King Palm turning brown?

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1 Answer

Susan Brian: Is it new or the old fronds fronds turning brown? If it's new fronds then your tree might be in big trouble. Let's assume it is older fronds that are turning brown. I don't know where you live and what kind of soil you used, but from what you telling me it sounds like a combination of problems. You need to water a new planted palm every day for the first week and than every other day for the second. See if the soil is moist enough. Second, your tree is way to young to sit on the full sun in the middle of the summer. You probably burned all the leaves. Create a cover. Take 4 sticks and put a plastic cover on top. Make few holes in the plastic every 2 weeks to allow more sun to get through. It will help to adjust your palm to a higher light levels. Keep in mind, your palm tree might be experiencing a "transplant shock". It takes few month for the palm to establish. Hope that helped. Email #2: Hi Susan. My palm tree is dying! I transplanted a double stem mature pygmy date ...
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