What is your favorite book genre and why?

Alexia Hunt

What genre of books do you prefer and why?

June Manning

Basically, it depends on my mood but most often I read erotica books. I have a long list of favorite books but I share the most interesting ones – I Spy a Dark Obsession by Jo Davis, The Family Jewels by Carole Hart, SECRET Trilogy by L. Marie Adeline. Also, visit this website to read young sex stories https://xxxstory.best/

Oliver Harvey

You know, I thought about it, and I’d have to go non-fiction. I mean, I like fiction. One of my favorite books of all time is Fahrenheit 451, a strictly fictional story. But if I had to sit with any genre to see which I could get the most out of, I would have to be non-fiction. I’ve been reading Incognito by David Eagleman, and it truly is just awesome.