What kind of aquatic plant are Peppergrass, Spirogyra, Cypress, Red Mangrove, Spanish Moss and Orchids??

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Spirogyra forms floating mats, so it would be 4. "Cypress" could mean either baldcypress (Taxodium) or true cypress (Cupressus) trees. Baldcypress can grow either in water or on land, so both 2 and 6 would be correct. True cypress is more of a terrestrial plant, although one species (Cupressus nootkatensis, or Alaska cedar) is considered facultative (can be found equally in wetlands or upland environments). Since this sounds like a biology/botany question, I'd check your test to find if there's a certain species that's mentioned to which this question refers. Red mangroves are emergents. They grow with their roots in the water, but most of the plant is above the surface. Spanish moss is an epiphyte that grows on trees. Orchids are both epiphytes and terrestrials, with different species growing in each habitat. Peppergrass - this can mean a number of different plants, just like the cypress. If in the genus polygonum, there are plants that are terrestrial and emergent. There's also a ... more
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